Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's wrong with this picture??!!!

Sorry for the lack of postings, between re-re-finishing our basement to being immersed in Harry Potter I've put this by the wayside. However, this morning something popped up again that's really chapped my ass.

If you haven't already heard the already the infamous Lindsay Lohan has been arrested yet again for D. D. and being in possession of a possible controlled substance, which this morning tested positive for cocaine. This is what really pisses me off. The rest of us in the civilized world when we get a few to many cocktails in us, think that the logical thing to do is have someone DRIVE US HOME...yes we often argue over the expensiveness of taking a cab or having to call someone but more often than not logic prevails. Unfortunately from what I've witnessed from these high rolling idiots is that contrary to public opinion, you can't use your money to make you smarter.

These idiots who keep running into the same problems have enough money to higher the President to drive them around in a new expensive car every month yet they keep wanting to do it themselves. The words escape me to describe this stupidity. I guess it must be nice not to have to worry about your actions when you go out.

Another sad but funny thing about this whole deal is that she just got out of rehab within the last couple of weeks. Everyone's entitled to make mistakes, I know I've been lucky when I shouldn't have but here's the difference I've learned from mine from my mess ups. The problem I see with these people in "high society" that we are continually hearing about is that they seem to refuse to take responsibility for themselves. Whether it's Lohan or that moron Paris, it seems if your in that strata, ignorance is bliss and responsibility is for the next guy.

I know this just scratches the surface of when stupid people get more stupid but keep tuned in, there's more to come. Laters

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