Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Putting Fingers Where They Shouldn't Be

Here's something I just don't get...
When having the option to moisturize ones lips why in the heck would you want to do so with a dirty finger compared to apply through means of a stick.

I noticed this in action last weekend as my sister pulled out her "tub" of lip balm in the car and used her finger after just being a restaurant, handling doorknobs, money and the like. The funny thing was though, later, as we were at a concert she proceeded to use the same lip balm but put the canister to her lips this time instead of using her finger. If thats the case, why not just stick with Suzy Chapstick it seems to me its the same crap just in various degrees of sanitation applicators.
Oh yea a side note to this chapstick debacle is, why is it that females always share their lip balm too. If I had a lip balm cannister which I don't, there's no way in hell I'm letting somebody elses grimy finger dip into mine, but apparently that doesn't bother most females, why?? Something to ponder I guess.

Laters, JOSh


Angie and Tony Metz said...

I didn't know that actually putting your lips in the canister was a method of applying chapstick. I guess that's a good way of bypassing the whole finger problem. I take it that Katrina did not become a germophob like her big bro?

Great posts JB keep em' coming!

Laura said...

I totally agree, I am a germaphobe also. I have a burts-bees lip balm and my fingers never touch it, just my lips. That's gross to use your nasty dirty hands to your mouth, hello that's how you get sick.

Ravings of a Lunatic said...

Laura, interesting you also put your lips to the "tub" of balm. I'm curious though why not just use the stick?? Seriously, I'm curious.

Ashley said...

Um girls don't have germs... hello?