Friday, July 20, 2007

First of Many (unless I get lazy)

I've always been a sucker for peer pressure so here it is, I've finally started something on the internet. Much like my good friend Todd refused to jump on board the cell phone freight train that has ravaged the world, I felt the same way about jumping aboard something that dealt with posting stuff on a blog or myspace or various other methods out there.

But here I am thanks in part to my lovely wife whom I saw become addicted to her facebook account when she first started it a little short of a year ago. It was really funny to me to watch her get so addicted to something I would have never thought she would find fun. SO, I thought if she could do it so could I! It's great to have a place where you're not limited to what you want to say or how you want to say it, it's like WIkipedia!! Without further or do lets begin the first of what I hope to be many rants..

If you haven't had the opportunity watch "To Catch a Predator" on Dateline NBC do it. Miranda and I have had the opportunity to watch a few episodes and it is striking how many really jacked up creeps there are lurking in every corner of society. What I like about this show is that it opens up a world that is so rarely talked about about and worse, a world that in my opinion doesn't have the correct means of punishment for the sick individuals it contains.

If you haven't seen it, the skinny of it is that NBC sets up an internet sting operation to catch creeps who come to a house in order to prey sexually on a child. One of the things that this show really gets the point across is that these sexual deviants are lurking everywhere and they could be someone we care about or trust, not that you shouldn't be trusting of people close to you rather to realize this sickness takes on all forms. It's crazy to see the types of people who show up after talking to the decoy, some it's sad to say you could easily peg as a sexual deviant but others I couldn't have guessed for a million bucks. Some are doctors, lawyers, Rabbis, Pastors, counselors, brothers, fathers and husbands.

FOr one it really makes me sick to think about what their motives are. Many of these guys have wives and children who are the same age sitting at home while they willingly went out to fulfill a selfish, disgusting, despicable, and intolerable desire that they chose to have. Another thing that really bothers me about this who debacle is that more often than not these people will get a slap on the wrist for their actions, minimal jail time and fines.

The majority of these sickos you have to know, it wasn't their first time doing this. There obviously is a trend with these types of individuals, which is why i feel that just sticking them in a jail just to be let out to do it again will never solve the problem. Hey, I've got a solution; chop their balls off!! I'm not joking when I say this either, it really pissess me off that no matter how many honest, trustworthy, compassionate people there are out there, there will always be those who choose to steal away others innocence. I know what some of you might be saying, those people will do it anyways no matter the consequences. However for "Larry" who's someone who gets caught for committing in my mind a horrific act that a child will have to deal with for his or her whole life, having his balls cut off will matter to him and hopefully affect his and others decisions in the future. We're not talking about the death penalty here (although for many that could be a viable argument) were talking about taking away something that aids in the desire to commit these crimes.

I feel that one of the only ways to deal with creeps not only at home but abroad is to be pro-active. As Americans often times we can be so ignorant to the terrible things that happen all throughout the world specifically when the issue is underprivileged or hurt children. Whether it's the sex trade or internet predators what we're doing now to prevent this from happening isn't working as well as it should and it is up to us to make a stink so that someone will smell it!!!

Wow... I don't think I wrote this much in college...I could probably keep going but I know the most of you aren't on summer break, in the future I'll try and keep em to a minimum...laters



Todd said...

JB, welcome to the world of blogging! I am thrilled to be the first one to post on your blog. It is a pretty good feeling to get a comment.

Wow! That was pretty thick for your first post. I came across this television show one night. I was really impressed by how uncomfortable it made me to watch it - kind of the same feeling I got watching "Meet the Parents." Only Meet the Parents was funny because it was a movie, this was really disturbing because it was real life. I am not sure if cutting off someone's balls will help the situation, but it might. I think you should starting working a draft of a bill that will make this the punishment.

Ravings of a Lunatic said...

Better than a bill, I was thinking that I'll run for Pres. in 2016 on the platform of "If your a jerk I'll cut your balls off!" I was thinking you could be the campaign manager..still thinkin of a job for tone

Angie and Tony Metz said...

JB! Yes, welcome to the blogosphere! I can hardly wait to see which issue you will take up next. This show is disturbing, but very important I think. When they started that show they didn't actually arrest the low-lifes that came by the house. They just humiliated them real bad and let them go. I'm glad that they are actually arresting them now.

Todd...I guess I would have never thought to make the connection between "Meet the Parents" and "To Catch a Predator." Did we see the same movie?

question: if you cut someone's balls off do they lose their sex drive...I mean...if you cut a molester's balls off would that person cease to be a molester? I should have paid better attention in sex ed class. If laws are about protecting society and cutting balls off would prevent these sickos from harming children then I might go for it...on the other hand I might prefer just to let them have their balls and send them to prison for the rest of their lives.

As for your big campaign JB...I think I decided what role I will play. I'll be the guy that you pay lots of money so that I don't talk to the media.

Laura said...

Amen brother, or as you call Todd bra. Not sure if Todd ever has told you how I feel about some things, but I struggle with this one and how I would deal with people like that. Todd's says that I would use that exact wording for the punishment.

See you at Tony & Ang's in a few weeks.