Friday, July 27, 2007

Astronauts + Lots of Booze = NASA Space Program

Funny thing happened this morning, I was getting up...all groggy and what not from my solid 8 hours of sleep when I turned on the T.V. The first thing I hear is, "NASA is investigating allegations by medical examiners that Astronauts were too drunk to board shuttle prior to take off but proceeded anyway." I lost it, I was actually laughing out loud hysterically. What do you think the tell tale sign that they were drunk was?? Could it have been when the astronauts were pissin on the side of the shuttle trying to write their names or perhaps the ever incessant question while on their way to space, "Where's those directions to Uranus?? (hehehe in the background)"

I just want to know where NASA is finding these people. I mean first, you've got that crazy lady who drives halfway across the country wearing diapers to kill someone...let me repeat that, wearing DIAPERS for 900 miles, she must have been really angry. Now we've got these frat boys lining up to fly a piece of machinery worth millions of dollars and sitting on hundreds of thousands of pounds of the most combustible substance on earth. I know things can be more fun after a few cocktails but I think they might have taken this a little too far. My only other burning question is, what type of drink would you have if you were going to fly a space shuttle??? Me, I think I'd start with a Flaming Dr. Pepper and then beer it up with some Old Style, lots and lots of Old Style.


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