Thursday, August 16, 2007

Swipe it, Don't Write It!!!

Using your writing skills like a sucker...OR...

Swiping away your savings without holding up lines...your choice

We live in the 21st century where one can control the majority of their dealings in life through means of a cellular device, right? So answer me this, why in the heck are people still bustin out their check books to pay for things at grocery stores??? I noticed this about two weeks ago when I was out with my cousin at a great market near Wicker Park known as Stanley's (you can get anything that grows on a vine, bush or tree on the cheap....shout out). Anyways what should have taken under a minute for the madam in front of us turned out to at least thrice as long, at least and all because Suzy shopper didn't have a stinkin check card.

To put more fuel to the fire, I became slightly irritated when I was at Costco yesterday and thought I won the line gamble but to my chagrin this lady in front of me apparently chisels out her checks on stone tablets because thats about how long it took her. WHY?? I'm all for checks, they get the job done in the right circumstance like if your buying a car from your neighbor, however why can't people realize that getting a check card is the same damn thing and they they don't have to turn my visit to the local grocer into a Visa Check card commercial, ya that's right, it's about me and my precious time. No offense to those who still right checks in local establishments (mom) but c'mon hop on board the plastic card that I can by anything on revolution.

Laters, Josh

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