Thursday, August 9, 2007

Slice of Americana

Two things come to mind when I think about summer, no work and BLTs. If you think about it, nothing describes Americana better than thick cut apple or maple smoked bacon, REAL Hellmann's mayo, not that light crap, white bread nicely toasted, lettuce and finally nice ripe, juicy home grown tomatoes (which by the way I've been able to hold the squirrels at bay, for the time being) . Coupled with your favorite brew or my favorite, chocolate milk of which my milk was bad so I had to stick with beer, I know tough. One definitely can't go awry with diving into summers favorite food, the BLT. By the way feel free to doctor yours up as you see fit, for instance I like to slide on some home grown hot as well as sweet peppers into the mix. Oh and don't be a panzy and not load up the bacon I hate it when people do that, your eating a BLT go hard or go home, your an American after all!!

Good Eating

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