Thursday, August 16, 2007


By the way this is called the "Elephant Clutch"...ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! She's not clutching anything, that thing should have shoulder straps and a waist support gosh dangit!!!!!

What the &*%$???!!! Miranda and I were on our weekly date night which turned out to be one of my favs, Buffalo Wild WIngs. Side's one of the few places besides Palmer Place in La Grange where I know what I'm going to order before I even enter, in this case; 6 Caribbean Jerk, 6 Spicy Garlic, and finally, which can sometimes turn out to be a game time decision 6 Wild. Anyways, we were sittin there enjoying our brewskis when this girl walked in front of us carrying what I thought to be a Military duffel. Seriously this bag was big as hell and honestly, we live in Chicago, not on the gulf where beach bags could be and I emphasize could be the norm.

If you know me, you know I have a tendency to appreciate stuff, however even as I acquire stuff, I would never attempt to take it with me in mass quantities when I go out to dinner with my boo. This bag that this girl had was big enough for at least one beach towel, sunscreen, 3 pairs of Gucci sunglasses, 2 flip flops, a spare bikini (in case the first one got wet) a wallet the size of George Castanza's, not to mention a folding chair and a cooler of fruity alcoholic beverages. WHy?? Why does it have to be that BIG??!!! You're in BWWs not at the beach and furthermore why does there continuously seem to be more of you every time Miranda and I have to go to the mall???'s like when you go backpacking, only take the crap you need in order to SURVIVE....oh wait, I forgot, you're going to the mall, I guess you do need to bring a bag bigger than what's allowed as carry on, on all major airlines. As for me, I'll stick to whatever I can shove in my neon green fanny pack I had as a child, thank you very much!!! By the way fanny packs will be a topic of discussion at a further date.

Laters, Josh

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Angie and Tony Metz said...

Great posts JB! Thanks for the laughs.