Sunday, March 15, 2009

Go Bald or Go HOME!

I know, it's been a ridiculously long time since this blog has been given any attention. Sure, it's not like there hasn't been much to blog about since last OCTOBER. I guess I could've blogged about political issues, our current President, the decline of our economy, the fact that the Soviet Union is on our front doorstep or "Batboy" the worlds ugliest cat. However I just haven't been able to find the time, or rather make the time for this thing. So without further adu, for the three of you who check this every month or so, your patience is finally being rewarded.

As most of you all know, St. Patricks day in Chicago makes for a pretty substantial party. Well to be honest the true party in the Chicagoland area begins at the Cavaliere's house in Lagrange Park where the green beer flows like wine and the corned beef allows for those who partake to enjoy its' benefits days afterwards (delicious but the cabbage and my large intestine, well nevermind). Anyway, we had a great gathering at the Cavalier's and after a few games of cornhole the citizens of Lagrange Park meandered their way over to the block of Newberry, shot station in tow, where the main entertainment and focus was on shaving heads and the St. Baldricks foundation.

Basically at this point people sign up to get their heads shaved in order to raise money for child cancer research. I had wanted to shave my head leading up to the event but didn't get on board quick enough to raise any amount of money however, the boo wasn't deterred and she and Rog went over to give a donation and sign me up anyway. The truly great thing about it was to see a handful of my students also taking the initiative to get their heads shaved for a really great cause. I'm talking about boys whose pride and joy is their locks that they've taken years to grow. Well, I won't bore you with any more ranting, I'll let the pics speak for themselves. Because I can, I guess I wanted to say whether it's St. Baldricks or the myriad of other great organizations out there, if you've got a little or a lot, give, I think it really can make a difference. Laters, well, hopefully not to much laters!
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ehcavaliere said...

I love that 'ola is called "the boo" in your blog. She has lost all identity and is simply an object - an object that evokes fear or is a misspelling of female headlights.

Good time this year. Next year, the Cavalieres - all of us - will join in the Baldrick spirit and shave our heads to raise money - as long as "the boo" shaves too. We can then be one month in the Forest Road calendar and you two can be another month.

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