Monday, September 8, 2008

My New Library Card

When you ask your average American what you need in order to get a library card, most might think a nice smile or at the most your driver’s license; not the case here in good ol Deadchester. Apparently you have to show more forms of ID than I did the last time I bought a pistol. Apparently to check out books it’s not enough to just have driver’s license you also have to have some other form whether it be a bill, vehicle registration, passport, retinal scan verification, stool sample etc. Well being that I had none on me at the time of filling out my life’s history for a library card, although I probably could have gladly pinched off the latter from that list, apparently my hunting/fishing license sufficed. I actually started to laugh to myself as I was standing amidst all that knowledge under the scrutinizing eyes of the librarian and thinking that this is how complicated it has become make use of public entities. What’s the library trying to pull when they won’t accept a valid license with a valid Westchester address; it’s FREE to get your card as well as to check out anything. Is it really necessary to seriously present a Passport as well as a driver’s license? I just thought that was noteworthy being that now that I’m back on the job I haven’t had time to jot down anything of the sort. Laters

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