Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Thursday Night

For those five of you who don't already know, I teach 6th grade. At the beginning of each day after we do attendance, the Pledge and now our mandatory moment of silence, after which we start off by gathering at the carpet for a read aloud. Since the beginning of the year we've been reading "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit." A book about a Jewish family who left war torn Germany just before Hitler was voted in.

Well, this family ended up living in Switzerland and the girl who is the main character was attending a boy/girl school. At recess the boys and girls never intermingled, the girls always played hopscotch until that is Anna showed up. After she realized what a drag it was to play hopscotch, she opted to participate in doing cartwheels with the boys. Don't ask me, I'm still trying to figure out why Swiss boys thought it was cool to do cartwheels at recess. Anyways the boys ended up having a crush on Anna and apparently they decided to show their affection towards her by throwing pebbles and SHOES at her on her way home.

When she arrived at home her mom was pissed because she was being chased by these kids and Anna's Mom ended up grabbin one of em. When asked why he was throwin SHOES at ANna he responded by saying that they "loved her." Well as you can imagine even when that four letter word is mentioned in a 6th grade class all chaos ensues. Long story even longer the kids asked what Miss Miranda would do if MR. T would throw a shoe at her when she arrived at home to show his love for her. I laughed and said I don't know but maybe I'll try.

Later on that night after I had been sitting at the dining room table grading the last batch of papers before grades are due next week, Miss Miranda phoned home after a long day and asked what was for dinner. Being not in the mood to cook we decided to order from our favorite Thai food restaurant. We've eaten at this place almost every other week since we've moved in and have never had a problem, until now that is. What we were told was going to take 30 minutes ended up taking Boo an extra 30 waiting in the joint, total 1 hour since phoned in. Suffice it to say when Miranda came home she was not a happy camper after sitting in traffic and waiting in a Thai food restaurant for exorbitant amounts of time.

Well unbeknownst to her I was waiting for her arrival in the office, unaware her night's hardships, with shoe and video camera in hand I waited to capture what was to be a funny moment of literature meeting reality for my kids. Unfortunately after a long day at the office I guess you can't always predict what will happen next...


Anonymous said...

you throw like a girl!

I really like the addition of video to the blog. Keep it up.

Todd said...

That was probably the worst throw in shoe-throwing history. Those little Swiss-boys who do cartwheels would no doubt make fun of you and your noodle for an arm.

Although, it was probably a good thing. If you had a rocket-arm and smoked Miranda in the head...something tells me that video would have been significantly more entertaining.

Josh said...

I'm gonna have to specify here that I was ANTICIPATING that she would walk through the office instead of proceeding up the stairs. THus I under threw the slipper. Hopefully my man hood is still in tack now that I cleared that up.

Angie and Tony Metz said...

It's ok jb I know that you have a cannon. It was nice of you to use a slipper instead of a combat boot or something. I would be careful throwing stuff at Miranda, you may be surprised about where you find it (i.e. up your a@#)

We have to talk about how you got that video on there, I can't seem to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! I love the last line..."my project for school is ruined." I watched it four times in a row.